How We Pay For This

BWC has become such a success thanks to all of you! It’s the 7 people that come every week that make the difference, not only with your hands and hearts but also with your financial support.

We ask all of you to inspire your network before, during and after your mission.

This enormous support has helped BWC to become an indispensable NGO in Kara Tepe. The goal of every team is to raise a minimum amount of € 8.000,- which is the cost of a BWC mission week on Kara Tepe. For individual team members this translates to € 1150,- pp per week.

Don’t feel stressed, BWC also has a large network which we turn to ask support for our extra projects.

If you and your team raise more than the much needed weekly budget, fantastic! We have a huge needs list and we are always full of ideas. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.


Because We Carry should always be named in all of your fundraising activities. All the money raised is property of the foundation and will be managed by its board of directors pursuant to the policy plan.

If you want an update on the donations/funding your team has raised, please contact us.

Your own expenses

As mentioned before, all money raised in name of Because We Carry/BWC is property of the foundation. If you need support to pay for your own travel and other expenses, be creative, ask Uncle Dirk.

What We Do