We have fourteen pillars that form the core of what we do. Through these pillars we bring joy, power, hope, comfort, cheerfulness, courage and love to thousands of people and children every day.

The Breakfast

The daily sound of our teams calling out “Kalimera, Sabal Gher, Good Morning, Goeiemorgen” while distributing our healthy fresh breakfast, in the normal world such an obvious thing, makes a huge difference. It empowers, it breathes compassion, it helps people to start their day in the best possible way.

    • The Barbershop
    • The Beauty Salon
    • Yoga
    • Sports
    • Kids
    • Sewing Circle
    • The Yurt/Safe Space
    • The Chai
    • Welcome Packages
    • Baby Strollers
    • Baby Carriers
    • The Carry Bags
    • Baby Milk
  • Collections & Distributions

What We Do