On Kara Tepe

How to behave?

With our human to human approach we encourage you to make a connection with the people of Kara Tepe as a professional friend. A professional friend always keeps the bigger picture on top of mind, which means you don’t zoom in on micro level. Eg, instead of spending 3 hours drinking coffee with Yasmine, you could also do a tea-circle with Yasmine and her 20 girlfriends. We’ll give you more information and details during the briefing on Sunday evening.

What to wear?

You’re coming to Lesvos to work, so during BWC activities leave the beachy outfits in your suitcase. You don’t have to wear a jalaba, but please cover your shoulders, knees and cleavage. Also please note that 80% of communication is through facial expressions and body language. Sunglasses are comfortable to wear but people will not be able to see your eyes. So it’s better not to wear them when you are working and particularly when you are playing with the children.

Check the weather forecast before you come, rain wear, sunscreen lotion or a warm jacket can be needed. Also, bringing a small bag (like a fanny pack) is wise, so your pockets and hands are free!


On Sunday evening we will give you your personal badge for which you are responsible. This always has to be visible when you are at Kara Tepe.