What to bring

Lesvos is a beautiful island with a very hospitable population. Because We Carry aims to support both the refugees and the local population on the island. Therefore, we prefer to solely buy local products, so the local economy of Lesvos continues to run. Naturally, some products are not available at the island. Also,  some people might have spare products at home, which can be useful over here. Therefore, should you have any extra space in your luggage, or be willing to check in an extra suitcase on your flight, this is more than welcome!

Attention: please only bring products that are mentioned on this list. We really have enough in our storage and warehouse.

Check the list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y6BZSScW-YVjw0izaMMjPOTdc28XxyYxLJIIG-sVgso/