Funding & Sponsoring

We’ve put together some tips & ideas for you as inspiration to get the sponsoring of your mission week going.

Section 1 helps you to spread the word via social media, Section 2 gives practical examples to actively raise funds and Section 3 Financial information.

Before you get started:
We believe in keeping things positive! Even though the situation is heartbreaking, together we are making a difference. Focus on what we CAN do!

  1. Tips & ideas on how to get started
  2. Fundraising Activities
  3. Financial Affairs


We would love to receive your donation before you come on your mission with us. Often teams also collect donations during their mission week, you can transfer this to us when you’re back.

Our Bank Account Information:

Stichting Because We Carry
IBAN: NL85 TRIO 0391 0737 96
RSIN: 855736811

There are several ways through which the donations be transferred to us:

  1. To your account: your network sends money to your account and you then transfer the money to BWC before you come to Lesvos.
  2. To the team captain’s account, who then transfers the money to BWC before coming to Lesvos.
  3. Direct donations to Because We Carry (preferably amounts of €250,- and upwards)

Our preference goes out to methods 1 and 2. We can provide receipts for (business) donations of €250,- and above, making the donation tax deductible. These donations should be made directly to the BWC bank account, mentioning for which team number the support is.

In all cases, please make sure the team number is specified clearly with the payment!!