Application Process

  1. Mail us to check whether we have volunteer vacancies in your week of preference;
  2. After confirmation, please complete the apply form;
  3. Mail us a safe scan of your passport and a scan or photo of the signed Volunteer Declaration.

Please name the documents as follows before you send them: FirstName-LastName-Passport or FirstName-LastName-Declaration, as this will save the BWC Volunteer Coordinators a lot of work.

This is the information you will be asked to provide in the form:

  • Whether you want to apply as a team captain or as a team member;
  • Which week(s) you are available;
  • Your full name (as listed on your passport);
  • Your telephone number;
  • First aid training yes/no (not mandatory; we do not provide medical aid);
  • Passport number;
  • Nationality;
  • Date of birth;
  • Contact in case of an emergency;
  • Short background information about yourself.